Friday, 3 December 2010

This Week's Web History (29/11 - 3/12)

I do a section on my blog that trawls through my web history, because I'm a writer, I generally end up perusing the web at some point during the day looking for information, inspiration or procrastination. The websites are random, sometimes morbid, sometimes bizarre, but always interesting.

A selection of my history this week:

Some of my friends from back home are trying to beat winter boredom and have thus embarked on the great search for Michigan's Best Burger. I look forward to eventually reaping the benefits from this epic research.

Because we all know how popular Steampumk is, I look at it's mother Cyberpunk. I think there's a lot more exploration to be done in the genre as a whole, don't you?

Who doesn't love learning a little about history? How about the French Colonial Empire? They're the folk that settled in Michigan and gave us weird cities like Charlevoix, Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie and Detroit.

No idea is a new idea. I know the comparison between Pocahontas and Avatar is a bit old, but I showed it to one of my friends this week who had never seen it and it made us both giggle.

What is a two book series called anyway? I've been searching for this for a while and I cannot accept that 'duology' is right.

The infamous WikiLeaks, which seems to be down. Hmmm... who questions the government?

This is actually a pretty amazing story about Sherif Hassan. He was visiting his home country of Egypt after a death in the family so that his wife could meet his  family. When they arrived in Cairo on the 9th November 2010, as they approached the Passport Control area, Sherif was led away by a security official and his was immediately deported and put back on the plane they had arrived in. Thankfully through the internet campaign, he is now safely home after being detained for almost 3 weeks.

My husband and I went with my in-laws to the Titanic Exhibition at the O2 Centre. As we were going in, they were handing out boarding cards, which I immediately started to rip on; however, I was forced eat my words when I saw that each boarding pass was actually a mini-bio of one of the real passengers.

Did you know that Daniel Radcliff really IS Harry Potter? No, he's not just an actor that plays Harry on screen, but he actually IS Harry. I'm impressed

I do think things like Maslow's Hierarchy are very interesting. What are someone's priorities and why do they do things?

Another Harry Potter video, this one is of the stars trying to speak with American accents. Still hilarious!

Sometimes research can make you look suicidal: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Except that I don't have a garage. Or a car.

This Hunger Games fan-made video still amazes me. It makes me love the books even more and I simply can't wait to see how the film turns out.

Being a writer and doing writing research, sometimes I end up asking questions and rummaging around the net for things that make me look like a terrorist: Can people really be made into biological weapons?

Concussions. I've only has two. Once I hit my head on a bookshelf. The other time I think my husband whacked me upside the head getting into bed or something ridiculous like that. Nothing cool like whist I was [doing some super awesome outdoorsy, wild activity that makes me look both adventurous and mysterious].

Grandma Superhero has gone viral. She's all over the place. Have a look. She's kind of awesome!

More history, this time from the BBC. The secrets of Britain's abandoned villages.

Lonely carnage abounds in Japan's 'suicide forest'. A haunting, yet fascinating story about a suicide destination spot in Japan.

Did you find anything interesting here?



  1. So...what you're saying is that the two concussions you have had in your life were BOTH in bed. Interesting.

    P.S. Happy Day-After your Birthday!
    P.P.S. I finally figured out how to follow your blog. It's about a three-step process, which is why I didn't do it before. I'm a lazy pile.

  2. Yes, three laborious steps. However did you manage?

    As for my concussions... yes, this is true.


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