About Me

I'm not that interesting. Really truly, I'm not. Or at least I'm not when I have to think about it.

I've lived a lot of places. Growing up in Michigan, I never thought it was that cold. I remember polar bearing in Lake Michigan and thinking it wasn't so bad. When I was living in London, I didn't think it was that dreadfully gloomy. I would cycle in downpours and arrive places sopping wet and not think twice about it. Now that I live in Atlanta, I've come to accept that Michigan is freezing and London is very raincloudy.

I don't mind moving around. I tend to make friends quickly by convincing other people that we are in fact ALREADY friends.

I love The Walking Dead and will randomly rewatch Firefly at the drop of a hat. I like to swim and hike and read, though I can never do any of that as much as I wish I could.

In addition to writing at naptime and in the evenings, I also wake up early, at 5am, to write. That gives me 2 hours of peace before everyone else wakes up. I think there's little excuse for not doing the things you want to do. You can do it. You are not too busy. You can make the time.