Monday, 13 December 2010

Dear Blog, I'm Sorry

Dear Blog:

Thank you for visiting, but I seem to be out. You see, it's the end of the year and there are 296 deadlines charging straight at me like a herd of very angry cougars (and I'm not even confident that cougars herd or charge). My Dearest Blog, and you know what makes matters worse, my one and only, Mac-Book Hard-Drive (people thought we were cruel when we named her because of the double double-barrel, but we thought it was cute) has passed away. This wouldn't be so bad if we weren't so attached. It was scary, how'd well she knew me. And her ability to recall every secret I ever told her means that she will sorely missed, indeed.

Friday, 3 December 2010

This Week's Web History (29/11 - 3/12)

I do a section on my blog that trawls through my web history, because I'm a writer, I generally end up perusing the web at some point during the day looking for information, inspiration or procrastination. The websites are random, sometimes morbid, sometimes bizarre, but always interesting.

A selection of my history this week:

Some of my friends from back home are trying to beat winter boredom and have thus embarked on the great search for Michigan's Best Burger. I look forward to eventually reaping the benefits from this epic research.