Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Noun-specific Verbs

Just taking a quick break from WIP's Rough Draft 2.0 to share with you a quick tip about verbs. Sometimes when a scene feels uninspired in respect to word-selection, I will make a list of noun-specific verbs by focusing on a subject.

 For example, if I chose the noun of Doctor, some noun-specific verbs might be:
  • mend
  • bandage
  • incise
  • heal
  • cure
  • prescribe
  • suture
  • operate
  • stitch
  • diagnose
  • aid
  • medicate

But the goal is to use these verbs in scenes outside of the hospital setting. So, a scene where someone is:
  • trying to fix something
  • lovesick
  • approaching a task or decision with the gravity of a serious medical condition

Any thoughts on this approach? How do you strengthen your writing?

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