Tuesday, 15 November 2011


So I'm plowing through my first draft of--what I'm temporarily calling--The One With Lots of Kissing and Lots of Sand (or Towlokalos... hey, that's actually pronounceable). *insert proud smile here*

It's an interesting project which is made more interesting...

Let me explain.

So, every morning I sit down at my computer to look at what I've done and the notes I have for what's coming (if I know what's coming at all). And... it's like little gremlins live in my home. Have a look at this. I found these in my notes:

She is kicked out of home (like wee Eppie). Homeless like many others are now.

Returning to the ranch and has to confront WEE JOJO.

Did you notice that? That thing in brackets? That thing in CAPS? (Eppie is my husband's dog from when he was growing up. I am wee Jojo. My husband is Scottish. He likes saying things are 'wee'.)

This sort of nonsense thing is riddled throughout my manuscript and notes. I assume my super weird wonderful husband does this after I go to bed or before I wake up, but I don't really know. It's like Santa... sort of. I generally laugh, shake my head, then delete it because Lord knows I'll just be confused later if I don't. But I know--I KNOW--I'm missing some things he's put in...

This should make the editing process interesting fun.

Anyone else have gremlins?

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